Save your tears for when you need them.

Introducing Sunions, America's First Tearless and Sweet Onion

Sunions, America’s first tearless and sweet onion, are a game-changer in the kitchen – no goggles or crazy hacks are needed to keep from crying. These groundbreaking onions didn’t happen by accident and are a product of more than three decades of farming, research and development. Grown in Nevada and Washington, Sunions are consistently mild and crunchy and follow a tightly-controlled brand promise that must certify them both tearless and sweet. Then and only then are Sunions allowed to ship to grocery stores.

About Sunions
Stop your crying!
Don't waste your tears on regular onions, start chopping Sunions.
Sunions are a game-changer in the kitchen offering an onion that is certified tearless by both BASF and the Ohio State University Sensory Evaluation Center.
We take flavor seriously - that's why Sunions won't ship until three separate tests confirm they've reached peak sweetness. This certification is unique only to Sunions.
What's just as satisfying as sweet, delicious flavor? A great crunch! Sunions add that perfect snap when served raw on top of salads and sandwiches.
Unlike other sweet onions, Sunions are all grown from the same seed. This means there's far less difference in sweet flavor from onion to onion than in other varieties.

Taste the Sunsation

Find a store carrying Sunions near you!

Available this winter at select grocery stores around the United States, this marks the first season that Sunions are available. Can't find a store near you? Tell your favorite retailer you want them to carry Sunions! 

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